Android Application Development

Android application development delivering high quality android applications since its birth, Google Android has turn into a major competing for Apple (iOS) as well as other platforms that have complexity about Operating System and hardware fronts. As such, the making of compatible and cost-efficient mobile applications for Android built tabs and mobile phones has proven hard for most mobile application developers. LIFO has the infrastructure and capability to accomplish any Android app development service.

Android Application Development Company

LIFO is a foremost Android application development company around the world. Deliberating today’s situation, 70% of world's smart phones run on Android platform and that only proves how essential to have Android application for your business.

As a prominent Android App Development Company, we guarantee that you will get extreme quality android application by which you can enlarge your business. We have qualified expert android app developers who will understand your requirement and provide eminent level Android app for your business. Our android app development services include up-to date incorporated perfect apps that are greatly functional and syndicates powerful features to match your business.

Our android app development methodologies

Following are the two key android application development methodologies.

Native android app development

Native android applications are precise to android platform using the development tools and language that the android platform supports. For example: Android studio, Google Material and Java. Native apps seem and execute the elite due to sufficient access to device’s hardware and android special attributes.

Hybrid android app development

Hybrid android applications are built using the universal web technologies like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. The finishing code is enveloped in a native container and distributed as a normal mobile app. Hybrid methodology is frequently called "Write Once Run Anywhere" as the same code can perform many platforms along with Android.

Both of the above said methodologies have their own positives and negatives that can make you confused to select one for your future mobile application. Our group of experts can support you in here to select the best approach for your upcoming android mobile app.