Web Application Development

From content writing to E-Commerce, we create digital services that perform. Our team relates extensive design with precise technologies and well-organized plans for the triumph of your project and business.

Your website could be the key medium to reach your target audience. At LIFO, our software engineering process ensures amalgamation of design, technology and plan to deliver world-class and highly available solutions.

Our team creates websites that satisfy your clients and thereby adding valid conversions. We can contribute to your project or business with all-in-one, information-centric online designs, as well as we can take care of the essentials.

LIFO has got your online demand covered. From website design to E-Commerce, we create digital solutions that perform impressively.

Responsive Websites
  • A grand online capability fits well on your business with maximum returns. In summary, out creations can be equally viewed well in different handsets and systems.
  • The LIFO methodology is all around bringing results that meets your desires. Our websites are catchy, well-designed, and user-friendly which transforms your requirements into reality.
  • LIFO has developed websites for an extensive range of businesses, including tourism, education, hospitality, finance, community services, health, retail, and many more. Our experienced design and development professional make and execute responsive designs that guarantee ideal capabilities across all devices.
Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Implementation of your websites using our content management system (CMS) solutions will save you time and associated costs.
  • With WordPress, Joomla!, and other comprehensive CMS solutions, we are capable of extending to our customers perceptive and easy-to-handle sites, with tools that allow white-hat SEO practices and entice possible clientele.
  • LIFO can deliver professional counseling in advance, all through and after the development activity. We operate thoroughly with you to regulate your venture's requirements, capitals, and intentions. Our team can also offer continuing assistance to ensure your website preserves patrons and performs at its best.
  • Online shopping is a booming trade, with as much as three in every four users preferring trendy and innovative sites for their online purchase needs.
  • Several industries demand websites satisfying creative online market and offer an unforgettable consumer experience.
  • At LIFO, we develop secure E-Commerce sites that are search engine friendly, follow user-friendliness procedures and involve your target audience. Our tech-sense team can also offer proficient services in search engine marketing (SEM) and Pay per Click (PPC) promotion in order to deliver an mature E-Commerce service.
Custom CRM
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are debatably one of the supreme vital parts of your industry's marketing plan.
  • With LIFO's custom CRM software, you can handle client data, expand information, and communicate with your clientele
  • Our approach to CRM proposals are intelligible and brief enough to bring in and draft custom reports. Choice to make faithfulness programs, buying records, communication records, and many more are part of the package. We can support you to generate a bespoke CRM system that will satisfy your industry's precise needs.
Custom ERP
  • Customized ERP Solutions For most organizations, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are the vital backbone of all of their business transactions and communications. ERP systems today are increasingly becoming beyond simply being the core of transaction processing for large, complex enterprises, they are often the launch pad for entrepreneurial initiatives such as e-business and B2B commerce.
  • Our end-to-end ERP services and solutions provide assistance in automating, computerizing and speeding up transactions throughout the organization.
  • Our ERP Solutions eliminates the most of the business problems like Material shortages, Productivity enhancements, Customer service, Cash Management, Inventory problems, Quality problems, Prompt delivery, Billing etc.